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Being a student in Sheffield is exciting! Having two universities in the city means there is an abundance of student-friendly places to go and things to do. The music, culture, and nightlife offer something for everyone, just like our student properties. There are a lot of student flats and houses to rent in Sheffield, and some are better than others. 

Sheffield student property has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of dank, mouldy and cramped rooms. Houses are now bright, airy and spacious. Having rented out high-quality student flats and houses in Sheffield for nearly 30 years, we like to think we have been at the forefront of ensuring students can enjoy quality student accommodation in Sheffield. 

We regularly update our properties to keep them safe, clean, attractive, and cosy. Our student houses and flats are furnished with quality and stylish furniture and fittings, which make them perfect for studying, entertaining, or chilling.

What’s more, we offer student accommodation for couples in their own private flat or studio apartment, or you can share with friends if you prefer. We have a full range of shared buildings, studio apartments, and couples properties, all close to both universities. Contracts run from 1st July to 30th June.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, speak to the Letting Agent (Igloo Accommodation) / Landlord when you are viewing the property about it.

The flat's rent is due quarterly (to coincide with student loans). However, it can be paid monthly if agreed with the landlord beforehand.

Yes, you can pay your rent monthly, as long as it is agreed beforehand with the landlord.

If you are a student - No

If you are NOT a student - Yes

If you lose your room/ flat keys, you must contact the Letting Agent (Igloo Accommodation) or Landlord immediately. There will be a £50 call out charge.

In any serious situation, your first call should be 999 or 101

Plumbing emergency/ Heating system  - Call Letting Agent (Igloo Accommodation) or Landlord Immediately (depending who you signed your rental contract).

Any other emergency - call Letting Agent (Igloo Accommodation)/ Landlord during office hours

You have multiple choices: you may either fill out a Make an Enquiry, Request a Viewing or Contact form, or directly email us [email protected]

Regarding the types of viewings: we offer both in-person and virtual viewings.

If your flat internet is slow or not working we recommend rebooting the system. If the problem persists call the Letting Agent (Igloo Accommodation) / provider / Sheffield Property to Let.


Apartment 2, Priory House
My year at Priory Place was enjoyable. Pat and John are friendly, welcoming and provide an excellent service especially if there are any problems. I...
William, Priory House, 2014-15
Room 5, Clarkson House
I've had a very pleasant experience living in Clarkson House over the last three years. Ive lived in three different rooms and have been pleased...
Susannah, 1 Clarkson Street, Clarkson House, 2015-18
Room 8, Clarkson House
Overall a great experience, our flat looks great and the communal areas have also been really great. We got in really well with all of...
Brad, Clarkson House, 2019-20

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