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25 Downright outrageous money making/saving tips for students

Budgeting on a student loan is really hard, and will in no doubt set you up for a large amount of debt if you let yourself. Here are some outrageous legal ways to save or even make some money.

  • At the start of each year, get yourself along to the Freshers Fairs and bag some free pens, notepads, and other great stationary items, often given away free.
  • Go to the toilet at University, or at work, saving on vital toilet paper.
  • Spend evenings at the warm library, you will find it easy to study and save on the bills too.
  • Get yourself an NUS extra card and make savings everywhere you go.
  • Attend any talks, lectures or open days that have free food, help yourself.
  • Go shopping later and snap up all the discounted food
  • Collect vouchers together with your housemates
  • Buy takeaways together with housemates to save on delivery fees, or get extra freebies with your orders
  • Charge your phone at university
  • If holidays are coming soon, save all your washing for your mum, she expects it.
  • If you have a pat of butter, or sugar sachets served with your meal, save them
  • Take tea bags with you and just ask for hot water in cafes.
  • Shop at
  • Check everything you buy for flaws and talk down the price
  • At the end of any contract, for example your mobile phone, threaten to change providers and negotiate a discount
  • Pack a lunch and flask to save on buying lunch when at Uni.
  • Be a model at the Hairdressing college, get your hair cut cheaper or even free
  • Go busking, great if you have talent! (Do check local laws, we want you to stay legal)
  • Go ‘Wombling’, that is, scour supermarket carparks for vouchers on receipts that people have discarded
  • Volunteer for anything that rewards you, such as learning first aid by volunteering for Red Cross, St John Ambulance.
  • Sign up for drug trials that will pay you.
  • Make friends, someone always has a birthday party!
  • Get a job, where you get free food and make sure your shifts always go over mealtimes.
  • Answer surveys online for cash or money off vouchers, use a fake email and pseudonym
  •  Get a free festival, by offering to work, either litter picking or stewarding.

Please let us know if you know of anymore outrageous legal ways to make money or save it whilst at University.