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5 New Year’s Resolutions For Students

Happy new year! it’s now time to quit watching Netflix all day and eating your own body weight in chocolate! New year, new you and all that. We all make new year’s resolutions but how many of us actually ever stick to them? Well, it might not be such a bad idea…

Now you are back at University, why not set yourself some realistic, achievable goals for the year? Rather than thinking about the short term, try to make 2019 the year you form long term good habits. Read on for our top five new years resolutions for students.

  1. Look after yourself  - we aren’t talking about dieting or making yourself do 500 sit-ups a day. Look at health and fitness as a long term lifestyle change. You don’t have to limit yourself and live a boring life eating crackers. Just eat sensibly, get fresh air and exercise and you will start to form better health habits. Looking after yourself also includes your mental health – it’s super important to ensure that your brain is as healthy as your body. Make time for yourself to relax, unwind and focus on self-care. image shows a graphic of a figure doing yoga
  2. Quit procrastinating - procrastination is one of the most self-destructive habits you can have. We are all guilty of it sometimes, but if you are a chronic procrastinator 2019 is the year to sort it out! There are a number of ways you can trick yourself into doing things, such as moving deadlines to make them earlier, getting an early start or rewarding yourself for the worst tasks you don’t want to do. Whilst you are at Uni it is a great time to get into good lifelong habits of doing the jobs you hate first and getting them out of the way.
  3. Join in with Uni activities - we aren’t talking about going to the pub more…of course, socialising is a normal way of life at university but try to dedicate some time to activities organised by your University or the student union. You will get to meet students you might not otherwise talk to and there may be an opportunity to get work experience or help with social projects. All look great on your CV!
  4. Be more organised - staying organised is essential at Uni but it is also a skill that many of us lack. If you are a disorganised person then get your stuff together this year! You should be organised with your course work but organisation can help in all areas of your life and help create an overall feeling of harmony. From tidying your wardrobe out to sitting down and diarising everything you have going on this year. Even if you start with something simple such as tidying one draw at a time and making sure that everything has a function and a place to live, you will thank yourself later.image shows a student procrastinating
  5. Save money - this seems obvious and you might laugh at the thought of saving money (you don’t have any spare!) but have a look what areas you can cut back and save even a small amount. Even if you skip your morning coffee and save the money, you could save up to £20 a week. You might be tempted to think that if you can't save a ‘decent’ amount then why bother at all but even £20 a month adds up quickly. Giving yourself a bit of spare cash in your savings is great as a fall back should you be faced with an unexpected bill.

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