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Back to Face to Face

17th May is our return to face to face lectures. Are you looking forward to these, or are you wondering what the point is?

Face to Face

Back into classrooms means a lot more interaction; I cannot wait to see my fellow students again. Being able to see the tutors and being able to ask questions during the lectures is a bonus. Lessons with complicated diagrams and needing visual aids will be far more enjoyable than the countless YouTube videos that we had to watch. Yes, I am even looking forward to the awkward role play again!

Internet and Blackboard

Gone are the issues with Blackboard and Panopta! Lost count of how many times I got kicked out, and I know my internet was stable. SPTL has great broadband included in the rent, and with some students gone to stay back home, we have had plenty of bandwidth to play with. I will not miss the PowerPoint slides and the tiny picture of your lecturer!

Campus activities

I am so glad to see the societies beginning to make plans for meeting again. University life does get enhanced with the extracurricular stuff.


After months and months of binge-watching series on Netflix and Amazon, I will be thrilled to see some theatre again! The Cinema may not have much of an offering with filming having been restricted, but just to be back in a comfy seat with some popcorn and a few friends!

Roll on Summer

Of course, the next month or so, and it’ll be all over for summer break. So with only a few lecture days left, it does seem like we could just all finish off the last lectures online. Summer does look like all restrictions may melt away, and we will start the next academic year in classes. This does mean making sure you have accommodation booked and ready to go! I’m staying on and so can leave my belongings over summer. I may even spend some summertime in this beautiful city.