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Can you beat the pizza delivery?

As a student, you know that what you learn today will set you up for life. The same goes for what you put into your body! The food you eat sets your body and brain up for life. Here we are going to look at how we can beat the boredom of hitting the Dominos redial and getting a pizza delivery to your flat every night/week.

University Brain Food

You know if you've not eaten for a while, your brain seems to turn to mush! If you're like me, you'll grab a chocolate bar, get a rush and continue, only to crash a few hours later. Eating proper food is the right choice, but you never seem to have the time! Good news, I've got a few tricks I learned, and am now applying whilst studying a Masters in Nutrition.

University Balance

Your parents probably packed you off to Uni with the words 'eat a balanced diet' echoing in your head. What that means is eating foods from all the food groups. That does mean vegetables and lots of them. However, it also means whole grains, fruit, meat, fish, and dairy.

Let's get to the pizza!

So let's take a pizza, you get a bread-like base, with tomato paste, then toppings that Dominos offers. The majority of the pizza is the bread, and we need vegetables, along with our other ingredients. It costs a bomb, and though satisfying for a while, I always seem to want another pretty quick!

So, using my knowledge that whole grains fill you up, I make a wholegrain pizza base. 

Depending on your apartment budget

As an apartment, we bought a bread maker between us, (charity shop buy actually), however, if you prefer to keep to a budget you can also simply mix it in a big bowl with your hands. 

My easy Uni pizza recipe:

I put 

  • 1 ½ cups warm water, 
  • a tablespoon active dry yeast. You can get packets of this. 
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of salt, 
  • two cups of whole wheat (wholemeal) flour, 
  • and one and a half cups of plain flour 

into the pan of the bread maker and press the pizza dough program. Takes 5 mins. [Alternatively, you mix it with your hands till it's smooth].

I can go back to studying while the dough is made for me. Once the cycle has finished, 

  • I just roll out the dough, 
  • spread some tomato paste on, 
  • and put loads of toppings on. I like to divide the circle and put meat on one bit, fish on another, veggie options on another. Alternatively, roll out a rectangle and divide it into slices. You can even do fruit on a pizza, But that's a debate!
  • Top off with cheese, and you can get shredded mozzarella or get the real stuff in a watery bag in Lidl's, that's your dairy. 
  • Put it into the bottom of the oven 425⁰ F, 220⁰ C, or Gas mark 7 for around 20-25 mins.

In all, that's quicker than getting a Dominos delivery to your flat on a Saturday night which delivers in 45 mins! I also worked out that I saved well over the price of the bread maker in my first month!

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