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How to Choose Roommates When Sharing Student Accommodation

Sharing student accommodation whether it is a room, flat, house or apartment should be great fun; it is an opportunity to make friends for life, drink and laugh together … you’re literally always together. Your housemates or roommates can be your besties but they can also be your worst enemies, depending on who you choose to share your space with. Below are different tips on how to select flat or roommates when sharing student accommodation in Sheffield.

Tips on How to Choose Flat - Roommates When Sharing Student Accommodation

Sharing Student Houses 

When you’re looking for a student house to let, it’s mega important that you carefully consider the people you want to live with! If you already have a bunch of friends that you know pretty well that’s great! But, if you’re all sussing each other out for the first time, it can be tricky to know who to share your home with.

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Look for Shared Interests or Studies 

A great way to ensure you have something in common with your new housemates is to look for people with shared interests. If you share the same hobbies as a potential flatmate then it’s likely that you will have lots of other things in common too! Are you a member of a club or society? Get to know your fellow members and find out if they’re looking for lodgings.

You could also consider students who study the same subjects as you – even if your personalities are quite different, at least you might be able to help each other out with assignments, and you’ll have a listening ear when you want to moan about your deadlines!

Choose people who have good communication skills 

Sharing a living space with anyone requires open communication to ensure you’re all on the same page and that there are no misunderstandings!  If you can’t effectively communicate with a person, you are likely to run into problems when it comes to things like replacing the milk, or more serious issues like collecting rent money.

When you are considering who to share a home with, choose people who you already have open, easy conversation with. If you both know how to speak to each other it will make home life much more harmonious!

Look for people with similar values to yours

One of the great things about university is being able to mingle with all sorts of people from different backgrounds and to be exposed to other opinions and values. However, this may cause tensions when you’re at home (if any of you are the argumentative type) and that’s one thing you don’t need!

If you have strong political or religious beliefs, you might have a much better time at university if you share your home with students who share the same values.

Think about your own and other people’s lifestyles 

This is an important one – are you a night owl or an early riser? Do you like to party and go out, or are you more interested in keeping to yourself and stopping in with a good book?

To avoid clashes over the hours people, keep, try to find out what hours any potential roommates keep. If you’re a light sleeper or really need quiet time in the evenings don’t share student accommodation with someone who enjoys the pub every night and comes crashing back in at all hours.

Trust Your Instincts 

Finally, when looking for housemates for student houses, just go with your gut feeling…if something feels off about a person, or you just don’t gel well with them you probably won’t get on very well when living together.

Sharing Student Houses in Sheffield 

If you are a student at either of Sheffield’s universities, check with them and see if they can offer any guidance. Sheffield Students’ Union has held events in the past where you can meet other students that are looking for housemates.

You could also try a website such as SpareRoom to put a wanted advert out for your perfect type of roommate. Remember, if you meet with someone and they don’t seem like the right type of person, or something seems off you are well within your rights to say no.

Student Houses to Rent in Sheffield 

We hope you found our tips useful and wish you luck finding your perfect roomies!

If you haven’t got as far as finding housemates yet and are trying to find a property first, then Sheffield Property to Let have a range of houses, flats and studios designed specifically for students in Sheffield. Contact us on 07967 839 881 with any enquiries.