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8 Ways To Deal With Housemates

If you live in a house with several other students, the chances are you might not get along perfectly with everyone. Some students get to choose who they share with and still end up having problems with one or two housemates. You never truly know someone until you live with them, friendships that have survived the test of time are often pushed to their limits when friends decide to live together. For many first year students, it’s the first time they have lived with anyone other than their family. This can take some getting used to. If there is a housemate that is really getting on your nerves, don’t despair, there are some things you can do to ease the tension and encourage them to change their annoying habits. Here are eight ways to deal with an annoying university housemates.    

Set house rules 

Setting some house rules might help eliminate some of their annoying habits. You can create some rules so that everyone shares chores and knows what they should and shouldn’t do. It seems a little trivial but can make a big difference.  


Speak to them 

If someone keeps doing things that are getting on your nerves then the best thing you can do is have a chat with them. Be honest with them without being rude and hopefully you can come to some sort of agreement. It sometimes helps to clear the air and be open with your housemates.     

Avoid them 

Not an ideal strategy if you are living with someone, but sometimes necessary if it isn’t possible to resolve things. In some cases it’s best if you just keep your distance and be civil with each other when you are both at home. Keep yourself busy and try not to spend too much time around annoying housemates.     

Let the small things slide 

If someone is really annoying you, then it can be helpful to try and let the small things slide. Try to not get too annoyed with the little things they do that annoy you. If they do things that are genuinely rude or extremely frustrating then you can say something.

Spend time together outside the house 

It could be that they are getting on your nerves because you are living in each other’s pockets. Spending too much time together inside your student house can be a little overbearing. Go somewhere outside of your home where you can spend quality time together and you might not find them so annoying.     

Have a house meeting 

If the tension is building, get together with all your housemates and have a house meeting. This gives you the opportunity to talk things through and come up with possible to solutions. It’s never nice to gang up on someone, so don’t make it an interrogation. Instead try and think of ways to make your university house a better place to live.     

Encourage them to help more 

If your housemate is annoying you by being lazy and leaving their stuff everywhere then try to encourage them to do their bit. Explain the house rules and ask that they clear up after themselves. This doesn’t always work because some people won’t change their ways but it’s worth a shot.