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Finals Prep for The Organised

Final exams can be a stressful and nerve-racking time for students; all your hard work will soon be tested, and you will find out if your studying paid off. This week we have some tips and advice for finals prep and how you can ensure that you’re as prepared as well as you can be.

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Sheffield Property To Let have put together 10 tips for helping you prepare for finals; 

  1. Don’t cram in studying at the last moment. ‘Panic revising’ isn’t effective. Try studying for 60-90 minutes each day in the week leading up to the exam. Pulling an all nightery or trying to cram all your revision into a 5-hour study marathon simply won't work for most people. Remember, little an often!
  2. The week before a final exam try to complete a mock test. Use questions you’re your textbook or search online for mock tests; try to answer the questions without using your notes. Try doing this with a friend too; getting them to ask you questions out loud, you can then return the favour. Doing a mock test can help calm some of those finals’ nerves too.
  3. Use your study time effectively. Don’t try to do other things, like watch Netflix or use social media whilst you’re studying! Set aside time when you know you will have no distractions and you can dedicate your time to preparing for your exam.
  4. Clear up any outstanding questions you have or things you don’t understand by asking your tutor at least three days before your final exam. If you have done a mock exam, you can use this as an agenda for what you want to ask.
  5. Try group studying in addition to studying on your own. Group studying can be effective when organised properly; set a study agenda beforehand. Working as a group you can discuss notes, ask questions and discuss difficult concepts.
  6. Attend of your classes…ok this might sound obvious, but ensure you are attending every class, especially in the run-up to final exams. Your tutor may be giving important information in the run-up to finals, including exams tips and study strategies.
  7. Review your class notes every day in the run-up to a final exam. Add keywords, summaries, idea maps, graphs, charts, discussion points, and questions where applicable. It’s important that you take the time to organise your notes after class.
  8. Take notes on the course readings. You should also review these notes on a regular basis. Again, create visual enhancements when possible (e.g., compare/contrast charts, timelines, etc.). Use both your course notebook and the text's margins to record valuable information.
  9. Make sure to get plenty of sleep. Sleeping hours are often the time when we completely synthesize information, especially topics that have been covered in class. You want to be as fresh as possible and able to fully engage your working memory when you take the exam. Also, don’t stop exercising or taking time for yourself, even at final exam time.
  10. Find ways to apply thoughts and concepts from your classes to your life. When you find a way to make concepts or a topic relatable, ideas sink in easier. Think about how course topics relate to your personal interests, societal problems or experiences in your life.image shows someone in bed sleeping

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