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Finding student accommodation during COVID-19

With Lockdown 2.0 imposed, can you still find student accommodation? Absolutely! Next year you will still be at University, and you will need a student apartment after leaving Halls in July 2021.

Act now!

Prime student flats with the best facilities go fast! Now with Covid-19 people are prioritising space, privacy and self-contained apartments, after all, who wants to spend long periods in isolation when a housemate comes in contact? The best deals go soon, as once landlords have secured the contract and deposit, they no longer need to advertise. So in this early period, you have a better chance of a deal. Later, when the apartments become filled, prices rise as there is competition, and it could mean you have to settle for less quality.

Christmas is coming

The post-Christmas rush for apartments is real, as many of the students starting to realise they need to do something. Beat the rush and do this along with your other Christmas preparations.

Where to look

Well! Right here on this website, you will find lots of gorgeous property all perfect for an aspiring student tenant such as yourselves. If you don’t find what you need, or our property is already taken, then check out Estate Agents, Letting Agents and ask other students.

Get a viewing

In these times, it may seem that you just want to accept whatever you get. However, making sure you have a viewing of any potential apartments will ensure that the pictures you saw on the website or advert do match up. You will also get a sense of the space and any potential noise problems, parking or local amenities available.

Be Covid-19 safe

It pays to be sensible and you have options: 1) Virtual viewings and 2) In-Person viewings. If you choose the in-person viewing, make sure to wear a mask to all viewings. Carry hand sanitiser and resist touching surfaces as you view. Keep a safe distance from any others whilst you are there. Once you have seen the place, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, the first chance you get. If the person showing your round does not comply with simple hygiene procedures, walk away and go and view another apartment.

Found it!

Please don’t take the first apartment you see, unless, it is particularly wow! Look at a few before deciding, even if just to reassure yourself that the earlier one was right. Once you have settled on the flat you desire, let the landlords know as soon as you can. Please make sure you get it secured and off the market as available with your signed contract and deposit.