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Out on the Town, or Out for the count?

As young adults, it is only inevitable that we shall try most things at least once. Well ok maybe a couple more times to be sure!  Some things I have learnt about trying anything new is that it pays to be cautious and to take heed of any safety tips offered by those who have gone before me.  Here are some of the ones I have been given over the years and have kept me in good stead.

Have someone sober:

If you are all out to have fun and drink is involved, then it is a great idea of having one member of your group staying relatively sober. They can then make sure you get home ok, or even drive you there if they have not drunk at all.

Have the sober person trained in First aid:

I have reason to thank a few friends over the years, as they have been trained in First aid and so were able to assist, others and myself, after some severe imbibing. Simple stuff like recovery position and when to call an ambulance. Ask your local Red Cross, or St John Ambulance for public courses, or maybe you could grab a freebie through Uni.

Know your limits:

Yeah, I know it is fun to push the boundaries, but going completely overboard with something you have never tried before can land you in some real hot water! Once you have reached your limit you can still enjoy yourself.

If you have never tried it before, then don’t mix it.

This means if you are trying something new; do not try it at the end of the night of a heavy sesh of your usual. Mixing the grape with the grain can lead to a serious headache and hangover the next morning. Likewise, if you are not sure how you will react to this new drink, then only try a little.

Know your dealer:

This one comes from some friends of mine, who have tried drugs. However, I recently had the experience of paying for drinks that were not even alcoholic! There are some black market drinks, which can blind you, having been made up with anti-freeze, or methanol. Be on the lookout for each other, and reduce the risk of spiked drinks at bars or parties.

Drugs and Drink:

Be careful not to mix these two together, prescription drugs can react really badly with alcohol. If you are not sure, do not even go there. This relates to knowing your limits, as well, as many over the counter drugs can increase your reaction to alcohol.

Don’t feel pressured:

Be the sober person if you do not want to drink. It is nice to have a night off now and then, especially if you have a dissertation to get in. Be careful when drinking as your inhibitions are lowered and you can end up agreeing to more than you bargained for, this is where your sober friend can really help out, and stop you.

I do hope these tips will keep you safe and still allow you to enjoy yourselves.