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Are you keeping yourself and your belongings safe at Uni?

Well, we have only been back at Uni for a few days and already the press and police are already warning us that other students have had break ins and belongings stolen. As young adults away from home for the first time, we are easy targets.


Make sure you have decent locks on your bedroom door, and keep windows closed whenever you are not in the room. If sharing a house, get everyone to agree to some level of security, as once thieves are in one room, it is easier for them to work through the entire building. Get some insurance in place, Contents Insurance is the one you want. Make sure you pay the premiums too!

So, you got broke into, what now

First things, do not rush in, take the time to call the police and take their advice, and get a crime number for the insurance. Be careful cleaning up as there may be broken things and you do not want to hurt yourself, nor destroy any evidence the police may want. Take pictures for the insurance, as they may want to see the damage. Call your landlord to arrange for the building to be secured again.  If paperwork was taken, passports, bank cards etc, then inform the relevant authority. Be extra vigilant, when you get your new belongings from the insurance, as burglars know you will have replaced them, and may be back for a second go! 

Out and about

Taking technology to uni for lectures, can mean it is at risk. Lock all your devices, using a secure password. Make sure to have a sturdy bag to carry your laptop or tablet in. Keep the bag fastened and secure against your body. Keeping your mobile on your body is a better idea, as not so easy to steal. Never leave your bag on its own, in cafes or other public places. Some insurance will cover if you lose your belongings in between home and University.


Keeping yourself safe, is another matter. You can get in to all sorts of trouble if you take risks. Minimising the risks is the key. Read our ‘Out on the town, or out for the count’ blog for some safety tips when drinking or using other drugs. South Yorkshire Police are handing out ‘rape alarms’ so grab yours and keep it with you. Use the Night bus, or get one of the licensed taxis home. Look out for each other.

The first weeks of meeting new friends is exciting, however, there have been some instances of the ‘new friends’ turning out to be opportunistic thieves. So, until you have known them a while and seen them around University, be a little cautious about trusting them fully. Do not be offended if someone else takes a while to trust you too.

If you are robbed or attacked

Call the police, make sure to get a crime number for any insurance. Remember this is not your fault. It can be traumatising and emotionally upsetting to have your home or person violated. So, take time for yourself to recover. If you need help Victim Support and other such agencies can advise you further.