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The Lifting of the Lockdown

Lockdown lifting

As of the 8th March, school children are back, and we, students, are due back on campus soon. PCR or lateral flow tests at the ready. Lockdown is slowly lifting its heavy curtain, and we shall soon be celebrating freedoms again.

12th April

This the date Sheffield Universities are looking at starting face to face teaching again. However, some of my fellow students are in practical medical courses and have been called back to Uni already. This day is also the date step 2 is supposed to start meaning shops and businesses will be back open for all our needs.

Pubs, Gyms and Hairdressers

I think I’m going to have to visit the hairdresser first, but all three of these venues are on my hitlist before attending uni lectures face to face. I hope they have kept the student discount, though I’m just glad they are still around even if they haven't. The residents at 611 Ecclesall rd have a hairdresser salon downstairs! I’m hoping for dry weather as the pubs are opening beer gardens and car parks. Luckily Sheffield is rather blessed with beer gardens, and so is SPTL’s The Peaks apartments!

Returning to digs

I’m staying in my apartment, and a few of my flatmates have been here throughout. Once students have returned to their term-time address, it is not expected that you will return home for a few weeks until the next five-week step after 17th May. There is help for International students. If your department has advised you that you should return to the UK for your lectures, you are from a red-listed country. You are required to quarantine in a government-approved hotel for ten days upon arrival; you can apply for the Covid-19 Support Fund to recover the costs incurred by you for this quarantine.

Not quite there but nearly

I am used to wearing my mask and all the washing hands and ventilating spaces, so I am sure returning to the University campus and going into lectures and the Library will be fine. I am looking forward to seeing my fellow classmates; the video conferencing software: Collaborate has been temperamental, and many of the others don’t use the video option to save bandwidth. Although I’ve got a great connection in my apartment, only three of us can be seen anyhow. Also, asking questions is awkward; one of my lecturers often leaves before I’ve had a chance to grab them, so you have to email and await an answer. I came to University for the social side too, and our year group is planning a meal out as soon as it’s allowed.

Booking Next Years accommodation

I’ve booked mine! We may have another Covid wave in the late autumn/winter, but I am not worried. Many of the vulnerable have been vaccinated, and the risk of severe illness is diminished to mean fewer hospitalisations. That means the NHS will not be under the strain it has been. All this will have the knock-on effect of reducing the likelihood of another harsh lockdown. I want face to face education, and the only way to get this is to be present here in this fantastic city and renting one of the best apartments!