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Pancake fillings

It’s nearly pancake day again! The 25th of Feb is the official day, however, any day works for us. Last year we gave you some pancake recipes for the crepes themselves. Plus a few filling ideas. Here, we are giving you a whole lot more ideas for fillings.


Pancakes lend themselves very well to all manner of savoury fillings. Think of them a bit like sandwiches and the result is endless ideas, but here are a few of our favourite fillings.

Chilli rolls

Using a good Chilli con Carne, or bean chilli as a base. Place in the crepe, add cheese, or vegan cheese and salsa, roll and place in an ovenproof dish. Layer cheese and /or tomato sauce over and pop in the oven to heat through and melt the cheese. Top with sour cream when heated. 


Salmon, cream cheese and pickled asparagus rolled into the pancakes. Smoked salmon from Aldi or Lidl is pretty inexpensive and their cream cheese is lovely. You can omit the pickled asparagus!


Another favourite is avocado and Brie, if you’ve not tried this combo it is worth it! If you can’t do Brie, then add tomato, cucumber, and balsamic vinegar to your avocado wrap for a veggie delight. Chopped up into small cubes and tossed in the vinegar. Very moreish!

Do you have a favourite savoury filling?


Lemon and sugar are the English traditional pancake day filling. However, experimenting with other ingredients can bring more flavours.


Sliced bananas and dulce de leche, topped with grated chocolate. Add a pinch of ground sea salt for a slightly salted caramel taste. You could also add a crushed meringue nest.

Strawberry Eton mess

Strawberries, fresh whipped cream, crushed meringue nests. All rolled up in a crepe! 


Soak some sponge fingers in coffee, then place them in a pancake, layer mascarpone cheese, or cream cheese beaten with some lemon juice. Sprinkle cocoa powder on top.

Classic desserts rolled into a pancake, what’s not to like?

Do you have any combos you'd like to share with us?