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Questions to ask yourself before getting next years apartment

All our classes are going online, and we, students have been given a window to travel home. So what about next year? Do we secure an apartment or wait as the Universities have been telling us? Here we look at what questions you might ask yourself.

Are you studying at Uni next year?

For most of us, the answer to this is a resounding yes! This means that you will be travelling back to your University city and taking up residence. However, should you wait till next year to secure a good apartment? The answer is the same every year, not if you want the perfect place! However, this year is different, and it's making students nervous about taking up a contract for an apartment. You may decide to stay at home and study from a distance, certainly if your course is being delivered that way it seems sensible to save the rent money. But can you study at home? Do you get enough bandwidth during the day for lectures, or are your parents working from home also? Are your siblings old enough to understand you have to study? Will the student maintenance loan need to be recalculated?

Should I secure a pad now?

This year has been a little different, in that we haven’t been able to make friends and sort flatmates out, this is a significant barrier to finding the right place. What if this nasty virus doesn’t disappear? This is where it pays to be quick and get something a bit more self-contained and private, with an ensuite or maybe mini kitchen. That way, you can still attend Uni and keep safely isolated. I was so grateful for the private space that I knew was clean during the pandemic.A plus was having good outdoor space during the lockdown.

Can I wait?

Sure, you can wait, but know that you’ll possibly have to do a mad scramble if you’ve not secured something before the Spring. Most of our property is gone by early in February for the next year. This coming letting season may be slower, but we still expect a rush in the New Year. It can pay to be cautious, and you may get a cheaper room, saving you money, but then be in a house with people you do not know as well. Sheffield will always have some student accommodation spare, but will it be a decent and clean place?

Do you think this will be over by next Sept?

If you think Covid-19 will still have us in lockdown and not attending university in person, then hold off getting an apartment. However, if you are sure we will be heading to Uni in September 2021. then get yourself something you will be happy in for a year.

Are you happy in the one you have already?

Maybe a simple message to your current landlord explaining that you want to stay on may be enough to hold your place for next year. Many of the tenants at Sheffield Property to let stay throughout their degree. Some even stay on in the city and move into one of our other apartments.

Whatever you decide, we can help you with viewings in person and virtual of our available properties.

 Seasons Greetings from Sheffield Property to Let!   [picture of studio 1, Clarkson House, Sheffield]