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Student Etiquette Whilst at University in Sheffield

There are some hidden rules of etiquette whilst you are a student and here we look at some of the ones you may come across whilst at University in Sheffield.

How to sit in the University lecture hall?

Sheffield Hallam Lecture Hall - University life in Sheffield

How to sit in the University lecture hall? Well, attending University lectures and seminars are part and parcel of being a good student, and there are some unwritten rules to adhere to, that make attending them easier for all. One is to not take the outside seat unless you are late or need to leave early. Others do not want to squeeze past you to the empty seat along the bench. You should all slide up the bench too. This will make sure that there are no empty spots. You only need a pen, paper, laptop and possibly a drink. Leave the cushions, blankets and cuddly toys back home in the flat! Finally, do put your phone in airplane mode or do not disturb, so you're not tempted to check it and get distracted!

How to live in a shared house in Sheffield?

Cinema room Clarkson House, Student flat - University life in Sheffield

Sharing student accommodation means making sure you can all get along. So, one unwritten rule is, do not take what is not yours! Sharing is fine, but make sure you ask. Headphones are your best friend and keep your noise levels down when your flatmates are studying. The bathroom is one minefield full of rules, no. 1 is do not take too long in there! Always clean up your own mess. If you need more advice on how to be the perfect housemate, try this blog, on choosing a housemate.

What is campus life like at Sheffield Hallam University or the University of Sheffield?

Sheffield Hallam Campus  - University life in Sheffield

What is campus life like at Sheffield Hallam University or the University of Sheffield? How to behave on campus at either University (Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield) isn't as complicated as it seems. We are all trying to get somewhere, so go with the flow and don’t just barge your way through. Equally, do not block corridors or doorways if you are stopping to chat. If you get lost, don't be afraid to as a fellow student, student ambassador or simply go to the information points.  Equally, if you see someone looking lost or lonely, do go and try to help, even just smile, it can make a difference. We all have bad days. Politeness is vital to student harmony and general student life, people hold the door for others and that responsibility passes to the next through, do not leave some poor guy hanging on the door for ages! If the door to an office is shut, then knock and wait to be welcomed in.

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