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Student Housing Sheffield – Accommodation Checklist

Moving away to Uni is an incredibly exciting time and the student housing you choose can make or break your experience. Get it right and what’s better than living with your mates in a great location such as Sheffield? But get it wrong and it could spoil your time at university. To help you get it right the first time, we’ve put together a checklist of six things you should consider when looking for student accommodation.

Student Housing Sheffield Checklist:

#1 Sheffield Checklist: Location 

Student housing in Sheffield is mostly situated in convenient locations, however, the city is hilly and some properties may be a good walk away from the university. Luckily there are great transport links in the city. Always check transport links, distance to uni and try to do some research on the area first. alternately, check out a prime Sheffield student location such as Ecclesall Road.

Student Housing Sheffield – Accommofation flat / house / appartment / student

#2 Sheffield Checklist: Landlord/Letting Agency 

If you get the feeling that your landlord or letting agency are jerks, then they probably are. You might feel like you are left with few options when it comes to student housing but trust us, good landlords and letting agencies do exist! Ahem, such as us! Here at Sheffield Property to Let, we work exclusively with students and are fair and consistent with our properties and service.

#3 Sheffield Checklist: Flat Budget 

Before you even look at a property, work out how much you can realistically afford. There is little point in setting your hopes on a property to discover down the line that it just isn’t feasible. If you see a property that is a little over your budget, look at other spending areas you think you could realistically reduce.

#4 Sheffield Checklist: Flat contracts and agreements - Read Small Print 

Before signing any paperwork, ensure that you double check your contract and terms. Check what is included with your rent and what responsibilities you and your landlord or letting agency have. It’s a boring grown-up thing to do but you will be glad you did just in case any problems or misunderstandings arise in the future.

#5 Sheffield Checklist: Ask Questions Student Housing Sheffield to rent / let – Uni Accommofation Checklist

Just before you sign or before you agree to let a property, ensure that you ask your agent or landlord lots of questions. Simple things like what are the neighbours like, who has responsibility for the outside/shared areas etc. Also mention any issues you spot within a property so that you don’t later take the blame – make a list of things that are broken, any damp areas or damaged décor.

#6 Sheffield Checklist: Housemates 

Finally, and it’s a biggie, check out who you will be living with. If you are moving in with people you don’t know, it pays to find out a little about them first. You don’t need to be best buddies but it helps if you don’t have any major differences. For example, don’t move into a rowdy house of party animals, if you’re quiet and like to keep to yourself.

Rent Student Housing in Sheffield

We hope you found our tips helpful! If we can help with any questions you have about student accommodation in Sheffield or student living in general, then please get in touch.

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