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Student Volunteering in Sheffield

19th- 25th February 2018 is Student volunteering week (#SVW2018). Here we shall look at all the activities you can take part in and reasons why volunteering as a student in Sheffield is beneficial to student life.

Why volunteer in Sheffield?

It is hard enough balancing work, study and University lectures whilst also trying to squeeze sleep into the equation, so why then would you volunteer your time? Well there are many great reasons why getting out your flat can surprisingly help you with your overall happiness and work-life balance. Volunteering obviously benefits the recipients of your efforts, but that in itself is very rewarding.
By making others feel good, you feel good yourself. Sometimes the activities undertaken have added health benefits of being outdoors and exercising the mind or body. Certainly, cheaper than any gym! This, in turn, will aid your sleep and your study periods. Why volunteer in Sheffield as a student

As volunteering connects you to others in your community, it also helps you make friends and have relationships with people you may not have come into contact with before and expand your network. This will broaden your outlook on life and may help with feelings of loneliness, often felt by students in their first year away from home.
Volunteering can also advance your career options, it will not only show that you are a motivated individual, but it may allow you to find voluntary work within the line of work you wish to pursue after graduating, giving you the opportunity to practice the skills you learnt at Uni. Additionally, the new contacts can also help as referees. To which will all reflect on your Curriculum Vitae. There are often training opportunities within a volunteer post, so gaining you new valuable skills and possibly qualifications.

University and Graduate Volunteering Events and Opportunities

There are a number of events going on all around the City of Sheffield, that need volunteers, a list of some of the weeks one-off opportunities through Hallam University can be found on Sheffield Hallam students' Union page. If you are looking for something a bit more long-term then search here for Hallam students and for Sheffield University students check out what the Volunteering Committee has to offer, or even as a Graduate on the Alumni volunteering page. 

If you do not see something you would like to get involved with, why not put forward an idea through the university and become a leader yourself? It could be the start of something wonderful. Or why not be proactive, contact a small local initiative that interests you in your area that seems to need help (which might not have contacted the Unions).   

Student Volunteering Week in Sheffield

SVW2018 will be held from 19-25th February 2018; follow Twitter for volunteering updates, and student advice @StudentVolWeek and #SVW2018.