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Style your new room

When you first get into your room, it can be a blank canvas, Here are some ways you can make it your new Sheffield home. 

 Try to choose 2 or 3 colours and stick to them when choosing items for your room, that way you’ll create harmony.   


Your bed is the biggest object in your room, esp with SPTL double beds as standard policy. So you need to choose carefully the colours you are going to use.  Get at least two sets of bedding and then you can be washing one, whilst using the other. It also means you can have four matching pillow cases and so extra pillows. I found some ‘brushed cotton’ ones for winter in a charity shop, really made my bed warm and soft to sleep in.  


   Even if you aren’t keen on fluffy bouncy cushions everywhere, its useful to have a couple of supportive cushions for your back while studying. I made some cushions with old sweaters of mine, no sewing, just popped some old towels folded up inside a sweater, fold over and tied the sleeves.



These can be used to cover all manner of things, again, you may not be into throws, but one that fits over your bed will keep you warm when cutting on heating bills. You can often find these in charity shops. If you go down London Road (Sheffield) to some of the Indian dress shops, you can get saris, which are cheaper and huge, so will easily cover sofas, windows or beds. I hung some at my window, and it almost made them like stained glass when the sun shone through.  

Frames and Pictures

Have one big statement picture over the bed. A pinboard is great for those bits of paper you can’t afford to lose (tickets etc.) or you can print out and pin all those photos you took at freshers week! Postcards, photos of friends and family, even tickets from great nights out, all these memories can be framed and placed in an arrangement on a table or wall. It helps with homesickness to have family around. These frames also found in charity stores. Mirrors are useful, put one opposite the window to reflect extra light into your room. I have one over my study table, as it makes me feel like I have someone studying with me, useful for make-up too.  

Candles and smells

Be careful with candles! You may want to get some josh sticks or oils to burn in your room.  I found most of my oil burners in charity stores, the oils I get from the market and tea lights are cheap in stores like B&M. I like to burn cedarwood and ginger as it’s not too feminine and not too masculine. Ylang Ylang is great when you want to seduce someone.  Rosemary and lavender boost mood and memory so might be good for studying. Hobby- If you have a hobby, make space for it in your room. Musical instruments can be mounted and a chair or stool kept for playing. If you need a table, set aside some storage to clear your desk of study books, so you can do your hobby, plus some storage for your hobby materials. Stacking boxes will keep your floor clear.


Yes, you need bins! A washing basket will save you from dumping on the floor. Why not put a basketball hoop and net over it to keep you in practise? Waste paper bins, so you can easily recycle and retrieve lost essays you may have dumped accidentally! One bin for rubbish, all the items you throw that aren't paper, banana skins, apple cores etc. This bin can be emptied each day leaving your room smelling nice.   

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