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Summer walks in the peaks

You are so lucky in living in Sheffield, with one of the UK’s best natural playgrounds right next door to the city! The Peak District was the first National park created in the UK. Here are a few walks you might enjoy completing during your stay in this wonderful outdoorsy city.

Ecclesall to The Peaks

May Field Valley

If you live in one of our apartments on Ecclesall Rd. , then your walk into the Peak District can start right on your doorstep! Start in Endcliffe Park and continue along the Porter brook towards the Shepherd Wheel, through Whitely woods, past the Wire Mill Dam and Forge Dam. Under Carr bridge, join Clough Lane and carry on up following the Porter brook, two paths here, head left for Ringinglow, where The Norfolk Arms pub awaits you. Or continue following the path and hit Fulwood Lane. Turn right on Fulwood lane for 1KM and then there is a path to the left which takes you up to Redmires, the ancient Stanedge pole and Stanage edge. In all about 8km.

Rivelin Glen

Rivelin Vally

Get the tram to Malin Bridge, and from there continue up the road towards Holme lane, until on the other side of the river, turn left across the bridge onto Stannington rd. Look out for a path on the left next just past the allotments. Take that path past the Fire station, at the next junction bear left and take the right before you hit the main road. This footpath will take you up past the River Rivelin. As you reach Hollings lane, if you go right, the Holly Bush Inn is there, or continue following the footpath towards the Rivelin Park café. Past the Café, follow the path to the right, which continues along the river, until you reach the car park, by the Rivelin Mill. From there you can go up Lodge lane, it is steep, but you will be rewarded with the views. Go up the lane for approx. 1km. When you get to a sharp left-hand bend, you have a choice. Either left to follow the footpath via Black Brook wood, which takes you back towards Rivelin and completes a circle. Or turn right and follow the path to Foxholes Lodge by Rivelin Dams, from here, you can circle the dams, numerous footpaths lead onto Hallam Moors or back towards the A57 Manchester Road, where you can get a bus home.

Mam Tor Ridge walk

Mam Tor

The is a most picturesque walk with far reaching views. Start by getting the bus, the 272, or 273 both go from the bus station out. Go all the way to Castleton. Once you have got off the bus, continue up the road, at the junction take the right towards Treak Cliff Caverns. This has good views down the valley, whilst slowly gaining height. The Old Odin Mine workings are worth a look around. From there the road gets rougher but follow it up under the face of Mam Tor. Soon you will pick up the road by the Blue John Cavern. Take the first footpath on your right, which will take you up to the Edale road and from there, there is a footpath on your right to the summit of Mam Tor, look out for interesting imprints in the stones on the path. Once on the summit, of this ancient hill fort, there are outstanding views out across the Peaks towards Kinder Scout. Continue along the ridge towards Hollings Cross, you can drop down on the right to Castleton, or continue along the ridge to Lose Hill.  Follow the footpath to the right, which takes you to Hope Village, where you will find the Old Hall hotel or the Courtyard Café awaiting you.

Planning for a day out in the peaks

It is easy to think of the Peaks as a safe place to be, however, many people have come unstuck whilst out on a seemingly easy walk. We advise you to stick to the footpaths, plan your route and take the map and compass with you. DO NOT rely on your mobile phone as reception is vague out in the Peaks.  The map we have used is the OS Leisure map 1 The Peak District Dark Peak. Carry water and snacks, and clothing for the wet weather, even if it is not forecasted. If you have a day sack, pop a torch in for emergencies. Make sure your phone has a full battery, though best to switch it off and save for emergency use only. You are out to enjoy the area, so no need to check your phone!

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