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Survival of the fittest!

Surviving the Christmas break from University is not easy, what with copious quantities of work and study, plus preparing for the exams in the New Year. Not to mention all the fun you can be having at home. Here we take a look at some tips to get you through it all before you return to student life. 

Keeping fit and healthy

If you are like us at Sheffield Property to Let, Christmas is all about the food! All the treats and rich dinners are bound to give your waistline a couple of extra inches. Plus sitting around whilst an Uncle tells tales of you when you were young, can lead to feelings of lethargy. This is not conducive to studying. So, our first tip is to get active, get to the gym if you have splurged on a membership. If not, then a walk in the fresh air will be beneficial. Even an energetic round of charades is better than nothing! 


Keeping your mind clear and fresh, ready to soak up that vital information is a good plan. There are plenty of mindfulness apps, which you can download onto your mobile phone. Using one each time before sitting down to study or write, will help get your mind set on the task. Take time out, ether at home or back at your student flat to sit and mediate for a few minutes a day. 


No-one wants to stay sober over Christmas, not even the pudding! However, getting drunk at every opportunity is not a clever idea either. Take it steady and count a couple of clear days into the week, so you can concentrate when you get back to uni life. .


If you have a lot of friends and are a member of a few societies then you are going to be attending quite a few parties. Burning the midnight oil is ok for a few nights, but you are going to need some restful sleep to function. Going back to your student flat a couple of days before everyone else is a great way to catch up on some rest. 


Do not forget to loan out and renew books for the Christmas break away from University. You need to check your account on Star Plus to ensure this. Digital copies of some books are also available through Star Plus.

Sort Out Your Student Flat for Next Year

Believe it or not, now is the time to start looking for your student accommodation to rent for next year. Yes, we know it is early, but the best student properties get snapped up early, and you don't want to be left with the dregs. 

Decide with your flatmates what your wish list is and take a look at our properties page to start earmarking your accommodation next year. Get in touch with us, or book through the property pages to arrange a viewing. We have some of the nicest, and most affordable student accommodation in Sheffield.