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Forget everything you've been told about University

Top 5 survival tips for the next 3 - 5 years of University.

  • Number 1

Get involved from day 1. Get yourself to the union, find clubs and societies that appeal to you. It's not nerdy or geeky to have fun. Befriend a couple of likely room-mates (more on room-mates later) befriend some classmates too, they can be useful for when you miss a lecture. Don't forget to be nice to teachers,  professors and admin staff, this will stand you in good stead when you need to ask a favour from them. Such as checking up on where your grant got to! 


Sheffield University union

  • Number 2

Don’t buy your books. At least don’t buy your books until after the first week of classes. When you receive your book list, check with professors that you require all of them, they may say you don't need a particular book at all! Try the network of friends you made, see if they have books from last year, search on eBay or maybe share a book with a classmate? Save yourself, and get some kind relative to get you a Kindle, or tablet, you can download books onto, you can annotate them too. The good news is that Sheffield Uni Libraries have ditched their fees, so borrow away! 

  • Number 3

Choose your accommodation wisely. In the first year, a room in Halls is great,  but you need to move fast to get your second year's accommodation booked ready for you. Get yourself to the Housing fairs, check online for the best accommodation,  check Facebook and Twitter and other Social media, so you get the full picture of the type of accommodation you are choosing. I'm with Sheffield Property To Let, obviously,  but I did my research before choosing, and I have great landlords, who will listen and have some great enticements like free beer and competitions. Having your bills all in the rental price is a huge weight off your mind, you don't want the electricity going off at 11 pm, when you have to have your dissertation in next day! If you find a great place, then hold on to it, and book through to the next year.

  • Number 4

Room mates! This is a hard one, should you try and live with someone you know, or complete strangers? Difficulties  can go either way. Bear in mind that you are gonna be sharing space, bathroom for example, can you live with seeing this person nude, or seminude? If you can't cope, then maybe secure a room with en suite, Sheffield  Property to Let  has plenty. Kitchen, will you be sharing a fridge and have to deal with things going off in there? Or will they be health freaks taking over the salad draw, when you just want to fill it with beer? Luckily in many of our flats you have your own personal fridge in kitchen, phew!  Whose turn was it to wash up? We are also privileged  to have a dishwasher,  so no complaints about dirty dishes in the sink! Are your room mates party animals? Do they spend money like water? Or are they stingy? they might take advantage of your good nature. If they are generous with their money, they might influence you to go out, spending more than you want to!  

  • Number 5

Uni isn't that hard! Simply go to lectures, do your research, write the essay the professor asked for. Relax take it easy, breathe and enjoy. If you wake up not feeling like going into lectures that day ... get up, get a coffee, eat breakfast and just go. You can nap later. It's far too easy to find excuses not to go in, but you will regret it when you have gaps you cannot fill in your revision notes come exam time. If you really can't make it, then those friends you made will come in handy now, to borrow their notes, but remember to return the favour.  

  • Number 6

Cat Napping! You no longer have 8 hours sleep straight, you will catnap in bursts, otherwise your social life won't rear its head. How else can you get to lectures for 9 am, do your homework, eat, party till 3 am and repeat? Take your catnaps seriously, have a comfy bed, dark room and cool. Don't forget to set the alarm! We all get double beds here at Sheffield Property To Let,  so room to stretch out (or share if the mood takes you) Just don't nap in lectures, or you’ll be all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and it's never a pretty  look!Partying  

  • Number 7

Go out! For the first time, you don't have to tell anyone what time you’re gonna be in! No-one's gonna remind you it's a school night! Do party, mingle and have fun, it's what being young is all about. We get tickets to Sheffield Parties, and Corporation,  both fab places and so diverse, music for nearly all tastes. Play it safe, don't get too drunk you can't stand, try and get a group together and maybe take turns on one of you being sober to look out for the others? City Taxis have a great scheme to get you home safe even if you've no money. Don't forget to take out your student card for discounts on food, drink and events. Don't take out more money than you can afford to spend.

  • Number 8

You are not going to be the same. You are embarking on the experience of  a lifetime, it will change you, but embrace that change and grow up. Your opinions, perspective on life and even political views may change, hopefully for the better! You may be lucky enough to get paid to travel abroad by doing the Erasum scheme, see new cultures and traditions, explore new languages, and new dance steps. Your adult life starts here, welcome and enjoy.