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FAQs & 12 things you need to do when you move into your new Sheffield home

It’s nearly the big day, SHEFFIELD WILL BE ON THE MOVE, the 1st of July is a day when up to 70,000 students and graduates are going to be changing flats, apartments, houses and studios. 

Are you ready to MOVE INTO your new flat?

Do you feel ready to move into your new home, whether it's a flat, apartment, house, or studio? There is no need to worry, check below for an in-depth list of how to prepare for the big move and getting ready to start this new academic year.


12 things you need to do when moving homes in Sheffield.

  1. Phone up your parents, give them the new Sheffield address and tell them to check the website so that they get a visual of what it's going to be like for you
  2. Pal up your parents or friends, to lend you the car and help you move and clean
  3. Recycle everything unimportant (that you’ve been saving from your previous flats). However, in previous years Sheffield University, Sheffield Hallam University and the City Council have run the "Donate Don’t Waste scheme", another option is charity shops. 
  4. Go to the supermarket or greengrocers, ask for vegetable boxes, and start packing (don’t steal the trolleys ;) )
  5. If you cannot remember it, check Sheffield Property to Let website to find the exact location of your new Sheffield home.
  6. Contact either Sheffield Property to Let or Igloo (depending on how you are renting) to agree on arrival time, day and key handover appointment, giving them a few days notice (the best way to do so is to email them), with Igloo Accommodation you may have to organise a scheduled time slot.
  7. Unpack, and install yourself into your SPTL accommodation (find your tea bags and have a cuppa).
  8. When you have moved in, remember that there are 70,000 students also changing houses, flats and apartments. Please be aware of safety and security, especially during these first days. The Universities have informed us of a current scam’.  Where a group of cleaners or maintenance workers arrive at student properties saying the Landlord has asked them to do a deep clean, and then they rob your possessions if you are ever unsure please don't be afraid to phone us and ask before letting anyone into your new home.
  9. Enjoy one of many Sheffield Property to Let outdoor/barbecue areas once you’ve arrived, get to know new flatmates, and facilities (hoping we'll have a sunny changeover, you never know).
  10. If your parents were not able to help you move in, and have been asking you about your new accommodation please refer them to the website where they will find visual and detailed descriptions of our properties (
  11. If you are away for the summer and winter breaks; lock up; use burglar alarms where available; put valuables out of sight; close windows and velux; turn off lighting and place heating on frost setting.
  12. Last thing but not least, to keep up-to-date, with the latest updates, property news and giveaways throughout the year by joining Sheffield Property to Let’s Facebook (, Twitter (@SheffPropToLet) and Instagram

Sheffield Moving Day - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I move in after the 1st of July?

Depends whether you have agreed to move in from the 1st or 4th, contact us a few days before, so that we can make sure we’re available to give you the keys 

Can I store baggage before moving in?

 Yes, however, please contact us beforehand so that we can put you in touch with outgoing occupants. 

What should I do about utility bills? 

It depends on if you have an all-inclusive contract, or if you are paying your own utility bills, if this is the case bill will be automatically put into your name. bills, If you have chosen all-inclusive, don’t abuse it as there is an excessive usage clause in the contract

Can I stay over the Summer or Christmas holidays? 

Of course, you can, this is your new home for the coming year. 

How often do I have to pay my rent? 

Check your contract, normally quarterly advanced, any late payment will be charged, ensure you have paid rent for the quarter commencing; 1st July or 4th July.

How many change-overs have Sheffield Property to Let done? 

Over 1000, so be reassured it all works out. :)