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Uni advice on an intensive course

It’s well-known that some courses are more intense especially during those final years and if you are surrounded by people who aren’t working it can feel a little isolating at times. Here are some tips for how to survive the hour intense courses whilst at University in Sheffield or other cities.

Uni advice #1) Location of flat

Firstly, live close to your main university building. Yes, it may be slightly more expensive but after a long, full day the last thing you want is a 30-minute uphill trek home. Not only will this give you more relaxation time at the end of the day but it will also mean that popping into uni for odd jobs or lectures is much less hassle.

Uni advice #2) Housemates

Next, think carefully about who you are going to live with. Often houses of people on the same course can get a bit intense especially around exam time. Equally living with people on other courses can also be tricky if theirs is a lot less intense and they want to go out every night of the week! One good balance is living somewhere which gives you a bit more independence so that you can socialise when you want to but then do your work when you need to!

Uni advice #3) Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance can also be very tricky when you have a full day then feel like you need to spend the evening studying. Creating a timetable for your week can help with this to make sure you schedule in time for socialising and more importantly relaxing fully. Also planning your time means that you can enjoy that post-Pop Tarts hangover guilt-free knowing you’ve finished the work you had planned for the week!

Uni advice #4) Hobbies at University

Societies: don’t lose the hobbies you had at home. If you were in a sports club at school then have a look not only at the university competing teams but also the social ones. These can give you the opportunity to meet people but not have quite the same intense pressure of training constantly that you often get with the official squads. Also, see if your course has its own society and mini teams within that. This can give you the chance to enjoy your hobby in a more relaxed way so that it is a break from work rather than an added stress! Also, if you had hobbies that were a bit more isolated such as baking, reading or running have a look to see if there are societies you might like but if you feel like that would be too much pressure then just make sure you set aside time each week to enjoy those!

Uni advice #5) Diet at University

Food: try to prepare your meals as much as possible in advice. Packed lunches are a lifesaver and if you decide you fancy buying something during the day you can always save your food for dinner! Cooking in batches really does save a lot of time whether that’s for lunches or dinners and will mean that you not only save money but also eat that little bit healthier too.

Uni advice #6) Keep it cool

Most importantly though, don’t stress! It’s easy at uni to feel like no amount of work is ever enough but it’s better to do bits of work through the year as this is what counts. Just keep doing your bits of work through the year, don’t leave things to the last minute and remember that if you have got this far already you can get through these last bits of education! Check out these easy recipes.

Overall, whilst at University 

  • Little changes really can make a big difference to your course or social life, if things are really getting you down and doesn't feel right don’t be afraid to see your GP, University support team, family or Landlord as sometimes speaking to someone can really help!
  • Hope these little tips are useful to you 

Article written by Eleanor Devlin, Dentistry student, University of Sheffield.

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