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12 ways to get involved at University

University is a rite of passage and an important stage in a young person’s life, so it makes sense to get the most out of it be joining in at every opportunity. Here we shall look at ways to get involved in university and within your student union.

Participate in community service.

There are many opportunities for volunteers in Sheffield. The British Red Cross or St Johns are always on the lookout for volunteers and you will learn life-saving skills. The RSPCA look after animals, so if your interests are for all things fluffy, then they may be happy to use your skills.

Join a pre-professional organization.

Joining one of these societies can stand you in good stead for applying for that job after you have finished your degree.

Find an on-campus job

Earn while you study! There are lots of positions available. From cleaning to research assistants to student experience assistant.  Check out the University website.

Participate in research

We touched on this in our outrageous ways to save or make money blog. Some places will pay you to test new drugs or for participating in consumer marketing and research panels. Also, check out your university research departments as they often need test subjects.

Attend campus social events

There are often parties and balls held

Attend special lectures, performances and presentations

Now and again there are special lectures given by eminent professors from other universities, do keep an eye out for these.

Join a club or sports team

Being in a group has many rewards and so joining in a club with like-minded others is a sure way to make friends. Joining a sports team will also mean getting fit too.

Give it a go

Not sure what you like yet? Then these give it a go taster session are an excellent way to try new things out before you commit.

Student bloggers

Got the writing bug?  You could earn extra credits for your HEAR plus a £10 Amazon voucher. All you need to do is write about your experiences as a Sheffield student.

Get extra help with study

Need a little help with mathematics or writing skills? Or planning your dissertation? Then these study skills session might just give you that helping hand.

Think you do not need this help? Then why not volunteer your experience to help others?

Go on a BUMMIT adventure

Want to travel and meet new people? Then going on a BUMMIT hitchhiking trip can really get you out and about. Going in a small group either to a city in the UK, or a longer trip to Europe raising money on the way.

Raise and Give with RAG

Nothing feels as nice as giving to charity, and by joining in with RAG you get to help raise money for charity. You can also help decide which charities benefit, including your own society or club. Become a RAG rep and you can earn credits for HEAR.

Can you think of any more idea of how to get involved? Let us know and well add them to the list with a credit to you.