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Easter Traditions and how to celebrate as a student

How do you celebrate a traditional Easter in England? We will tell you of some of the traditions that have been in England for celebrating Easter over the years. Why not try some out with your friends and family?

Easter Eggs

Chocolate! Actually, traditionally, we always ate chicken’s eggs and at Easter we decorated them and hang them on a tree (small branch) in the middle of our table. This tradition stems from a german tradition of Ostereierbaum, the story is here

If you get a small branch and put it into a pot on your table, you can then hang blown and decorated eggs from the tree. see the video below on how to do this.Decorating your student flat - Easter deco

Today, we also eat chocolate eggs, giving one to each member of the family. We found some of the best eggs (reasonably priced too!)  were from Aldi, or Lidl, though you will find Easter eggs on sale everywhere!

Easter baskets

Ever heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” Well, at Easter we like to make baskets out of card and decorate them. Then we fill them with eggs for our friends. You could make some of the recipes we have suggested here and pop them into your baskets.

Here is a video on how to make them

Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny, is a character that delivers Easter baskets to all the children. This is usually an adult dressed up,however, you could have an Easter fancy dress party and challenge everyone to dress as a bunny.

Where does the Easter Bunny come from - Sheffield student blogBonnets

Easter bonnets harks back to the Victorian era, when ladies got a new bonnet for Easter. Today, children in school are often asked to make bonnets out of card and tissue paper, They may then wear them in an Easter parade.Today we are more likely to buy a new outfit and wear it for the celebrations.

Egg Rolling

There is a tradition of rolling boiled and decorated eggs down a steep grass hill, and everyone then chases the eggs, the winner is the one who catches it. There are plenty of hills around Sheffield, so get decorating your eggs.

Here is another video showing how to blow your eggs, and then decorate them.

Easter Egg hunt

This is a fun activity, where eggs are hidden all over an area and you then hunt for the eggs, the one who finds the most eggs wins. This used to be done with boiled eggs, but chocolate ones are used today. Though we cannot see any reason why small bottles of wine or spirits couldn’t substitute!

Maundy Thursday

Student life in Sheffield - Maundy Thursday imageOn Maundy Thursday, which is this year is March 29th, The Queen will present a cloth purse containing coins, one for each year of her reign to senior citizens. There will be one male and one female for each year of her reign receiving this purse. It is a good idea to give something to someone less fortunate than yourself today. This tradition stems from the day Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. So is taken as a day to perform a random act of kindness.

Do hope you like these simple and cheap ways to celebrate this spring festival, and if you can add some ideas, please let us know.

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