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Life in Lockdown

As we head into a month of Lockdown, we are starting to find the novelty wearing out. The realisation, that our lives and friends are to be kept at a distance for the near future, is dawning. Just how can we lead a more normal life in lockdown? Here are some of my go-to online havens of normality.


It is no wonder that jigsaw sales have shot up, almost all my family have been doing one in the last couple of weeks. I have not succumbed as yet, however, I do have a couple of hobbies that I have had time to pursue. YouTube has been my learning tool and I have progressed in my skills. I do also ride and so watching some of the go-pro videos has had me feeling lie I am back in the saddle. I guess this might work for similar hobbies.


Oh, for a proper party!  I long to dance and am bemoaning the lack of festivals before they are even due to start in the summer! Drinking alone, or with my flatmates is not quite up there with a room heaving with sweaty bodies all banging it out on the dance floor. I heard a DJ down the road had set up his kit in the garden and was taking requests over WhatsApp. Though some of the quieter residents put a stop to it. I enjoy the ‘clap for heroes’ as there is a bit of party spirit. Online Zoom parties are popular, I tend to use it for family get-togethers. As mentioned in last month’s blog having a Netflix party can be fun.

Theatre and Museums

I used to love a mooch about the museums. Think it was my grandparents that took me when I was younger that got me hooked. Fortunately, a few of them have entered into the lockdown with virtual tours. Theatre companies have also joined in with streaming their past shows on You-Tube. I really enjoyed Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and Nutcracker as I love his twist on the ballet classics.

Natural History Museum tours

National Gallery Tours

Le Musée du Louvre, Paris

J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Full list of shows at WhatsOn stage

Films and TV

Thank god for Netflix! Though to be fair the BBC has uploaded a few more boxsets and so has the other terrestrial channels. Films that I was looking out for release have now all been shelved! Boo! However, checking back on some older classics is my new thrill. The IMDB has lists of the 100 top-rated films under the movies tab. Watching some of my parents’ favourites has given me insight into their world. It is kind of weird to see movies without mobile phones and yet characters smoking

Extra study

With lockdown continuing and some of our courses already in jeopardy due to the need for labs and equipment, it could be a time to catch some extra credits with online courses. You can complete these in your own time and are fully accredited. If we are still spending our life in lockdown through the summer these might just fill the void. I never thought I actually miss lectures! The online blackboard webinars are not as useful.

Reed Courses – some of these are free or in the £10 bracket

Open University


These are just my ideas, if you have any to add let us know and we'll add them here.