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New Year’s resolutions for students

Back to Uni, after the excesses of the Christmas season, makes us think of new resolutions. Here are our suggestions for some great resolutions if you are a student.

No. 1 Spend less money

This is an all year-round type of resolution, and we have a few blogs that may help you such as ‘amazing deals for Sheffield students’ and this month’s other blog ’25 outrageous money tips’. If you need to save money, then our ‘money saving tips’ will also help. If you have any tips or ideas, then please let us know.

No. 2 Do more study

We all need more time in the day, but one thing that needs to stay in our timetable is study time. Attending more lectures, is a no brainer, after all, we are paying for them! Taking the time to review the lecture, make notes and commit to memory is equally important if we are to succeed and gain a top grade for our degree.

No. 3 More Wellness

If you are not well, studying becomes harder. Taking time out for yourself will actually enhance your study time, as you will have a fresh mind and clear head. Studies also show that keeping healthy and fit also aids the brain to study. If you cannot face the gym, then picking up some second hand dumb-bells or resistance bands, or slipping on some trainers and heading out for a jog, are all great and inexpensive ideas.

No. 4 Get involved more

If you are anything like me, you hibernated throughout the week between Christmas Day and New Years Eve, not even knowing what day it was and staving off one of the seasonal flu's and colds doing the rounds. Social interaction is vital to your well-being... that's what I tell myself when I want to go out and party with my mates. If you are not one for drinking and dancing, then volunteering or joining a new society or club will boost your morale and up the chances of making some fantastic new friends. This also means the next resolution is easier…

No. 5 Get a flat sorted

This should be no 1. All the best apartments are snapped up quickly. If they are really good, you stay year after year and it becomes a real home.  Yes, it may be months until you have to move from your current apartment, but if you wait that long, the only properties left are expensive and/or rubbish. One problem you can encounter, is that you are the last one into a flat that five friends have rented together, in which they were hoping the last room would not go.