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Planning for Christmas University break

The last couple of years we have brought you ‘homemade presents’ and ‘what to do at Christmas in Sheffield’ we even wrote the helpful ‘ Making the most of your Christmas Break.’ This year we thought we would look at what you can do over the break outside of the 5 days of Christmas freedom!

5 Free’ee Days!

Yes, the government have said we can get together with our loved ones from different families and celebrate over the Christmas weekend. Though, Boo humbug, no hug for Grandma! Your parents have probably got sorted with who will enter your Christmas bubble. Those who are selected will be most grateful for your company, especially this year! The excuse of needing to ‘revise’ might need parking so that you can join in.

Planning your work

Studying fulltime is stressful, and you need to plan your work carefully. Though if, like me, you have several assignments due in the New Year, and your Tutors have scheduled lectures and tutorials right up to the day before we break up. Some work over the holidays is inevitable! Planning a few hours here and there, rather than a big rush in the days before we return is probably best. Besides that Twixmas week, where you’ve forgotten what day it is, might get filled with some reading and essay planning. Make a list of the first tasks that need attention when you return to Uni in Jan.

Fresh Air

The saying of getting out to blow the cobwebs away is more accurate in winter! Working away in a stuffy room will not help you get those distinctions and merits. Taking time out has become more popular since the lockdown, so grab the pet dog and head out for an hour or two whenever you can! I have my lectures recorded because we have online lessons nowadays, so I play these on my headphones whilst out, that way I’m still learning right?

Proper timeout

When you are not spending time with the relatives or working on any imminent studying, then do take real timeout. Play those games, binge Netflix, and do enjoy all the goodies on offer! This holiday break is there to let your brain have a rest.

Don’t Forget

One job that many students leave too late is booking their next years accommodation! The Universities have told you to hang on; however, we are most likely to be back at Uni in September, and you will need to live somewhere! We explained this in this blog