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Prepare for Uni

It is not long now, and you will be installing yourself into your new home ready for the start of term. Freshers week will be just starting, so you will want to be ready for that. Getting prepared for uni early is a good idea. That way you are ready to start from the get-go.

What to buy

Getting your first cheque through for your student loan can take a while, so you may need to save some money, or get donations from your excited family. Hot tip: previous students moving out, will have second-hand ones!  On the list of priorities are bedding, pots, pans, crockery, and cutlery. Now you can eat and sleep. A Kettle, microwave, and toaster, if not already provided in Halls. Though you might club together if you are in a group flat. Check out Residence Life website for more info on Sheffield Uni halls. The more you save on these items, the more money you have left from your student loan for food and drink!

You could also consider a decent backpack to carry stuff back and forth from Uni. Getting a bicycle is another money-saving idea and our blog here will show you that Sheffield is a great city to cycle in.

Once you have settled in you can decorate and style your room more, our blog here will give you some ideas. 

Practise Recipes

Whilst you are home, get some practice in with your family in cooking skills. Being able to cook will increase your chances of making friends at uni, plus allow you to save money. You can also eat a lot healthier too. Our blog has some great recipe ideas if you get stuck!


Wait till you get your list obviously. This is the moment that you find all your vital books are all hired out of the library! Tips include hooking up with a previous year student and getting their off them. Asking them which books they really used and which to not bother with. Sharing books with fellow classmates (try to avoid arguments) or giving the list to relatives for present ideas.


Get yourself to the events and free fairs around your hometown and the ones in the University just after you start. There will be loads of freebies, including pens, paper, and other stationery items up for grabs. If you can get by on a few items, then the Black Friday sales will soon be around, and you can really stock up then. You will also have more of an idea of what you really need.

Halls vs Renting

Once you have secured halls, it is time to start hunting for next years accommodation. The best ones get snapped up pretty quickly. So do take a look beforehand to see what prices you could be paying, and this will help you budget too. Our own rooms are spacious and reasonably priced too.

Mentally prepare

Being away from home for sometimes the first time can be a little overwhelming. Homesickness does occur. Do read up on others experiences and try to prepare yourself mentally for this period of time. Our blog contains loads of articles to help you.

Look forward to it all

Going to Uni is an amazing experience, do look forward to being there. You will look back at this time with fondness and think of it as the best time of your life.