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How to secure the best Student accommodation

How to secure the best accommodation

One of the worst nightmares for a student can be finding yourself living in squalid digs with a bunch of other people who are not living up to your standards. Here we shall look at tips to finding and securing that dream apartment and keeping it.

Start Early!

If you want the pick of the bunch when looking at student housing, you need to start early. You may be in Halls for your first year, and this is the time to learn those skills for living with others, other than your own family. However, as soon as Freshers week as settled, then you need to start your hunt for next years apartment. Each year after you should start looking from July, for the following year. This will give you until September to do your research and viewings.


You need to figure out what is important to you. Is distance from uni important, if so, restrict your search range to within theĀ city centre. If larger rooms and more space outside is higher up your list, then try looking further out towards the Ecclesall rd or London rd. En-suites are becoming a priority for many students, though you may have to compromise with a slightly smaller room to get one.

Be prepared to pay a little more

Some people think that be saving loads on their accommodation that they will be happy. Lessons have been learnt, that if your accommodation is cheap, then corners will have been cut. Our apartments have enough storage for each tenant, fridges for each tenant and two cookers. We also have an extra washing machine and drying facilities other than in your room. These extras make it more comfortable to live and leave you to concentrate on studying.

Get a good group together

If you have made firm friends with some fellow students and can all get along together, then sticking together to get a larger place will be easier. A lot of larger apartments for students have 5-10 rooms so a landlord will be happy to let a gang of you take one for yourselves. Read our blogs on getting on with your fellow flatmates.

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Stay where you are

Once you have the perfect pad, why not stay where you are? Some landlords will give incentives for you to stay on, so why not take advantage of their generosity. You will have already spent time in the apartment, so you know how the relationship with the landlord is, and what quirks if any the apartment has.

If you would like to find the perfect place for you, then start here today. If you would like to read more about what it is like t live in one of our apartments, then a former tenant has written her experiences here