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Settling into Uni life?

By now you will have been at University for a few weeks and should be starting to settle in. However, some of you may be struggling and this is where we would like to step in and help out.


Look to your housemates for support, as they may be going through the same process. However, this can lead to misunderstandings as people are not yet relaxed and being themselves.  So, try to be understanding. Maybe ask to make a pact to tell each other and support each other for this first period of settling in. Our blog on 8 Ways To Deal With Housemates will help you to get along a little easier. Buddying up makes it easier to settle in too.

Societies and Groups

Joining in with others is one way to alleviate any loneliness. Check out the huge number of societies and groups at University. There is bound to be a topic to interest you, or maybe try something new. Our blog 12 ways to get involved in University has more ideas for you.

Student Union

The student union is a great place to meet and make new friends. They hold lots of events and evenings, so you can join in with like-minded students. The union hosts many nights out and day trips too, so plenty of choices. They also are experienced in the first few weeks and can give you loads of helpful advice too.


One aspect of starting out, often for the first time, away from home. Homesickness is a phase that can you can go through. Note it is a phase, and it will pass. Our blog on Homesickness is a mine of useful tips and further advice.

More advice

We have written extensively over the years on this subject. You can find a number of blogs on this topic in our news section.  If you are really struggling, then do talk to your student welfare and guidance team.