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Christmas Shopping in Sheffield

Christmas is coming which means turkey, mince pies and all things nice! It’s also the best time of year for some good old retail therapy with shops pulling out all of the stops. Need ideas for your Christmas shopping in Sheffield, as a student or professional? Well, look no further.

Parents Christmas presents

Parents are possibly the hardest people to buy for as often they can buy anything they want so it doesn’t leave you with many options. I often like to think of the year ahead and buy something that isn’t necessarily going to be used now. If your family likes musicals then have a look at what is coming up in Sheffield at The Crucible or The Lyceum and book something for you all to do together! Or if your Dad is a wannabe gardener then why not head to one of the plant shops on Division Street, Sheffield such as Plantology for a present that may not be easy to wrap but is bound to go down well!

Siblings Christmas presents

Brothers and sisters, you love them or hate them but you still need to buy them something for Christmas. Why not come up with jokey presents that you can give each other such as Christmas pyjamas you can wear on Christmas Eve and after Christmas dinner. Failing that have a think about the things they have said they really wanted through the year. That shirt they said they loved in Topshop? Bingo, you’ve found your present. Sheffield City Centre has lots of shops and if you can’t find it there Meadowhall is just a tram ride away! For something truly original, try the vintage shops on Division Street.

Your other half's Christmas present

Another tricky one if you haven’t got any ideas but again an activity is often the solution. If you are spending Christmas apart why not plan a day together which is pricier than your normal outings and do that as a present/ farewell for the Christmas holidays. You could do a day trip to Chatsworth followed by a romantic Christmas meal back in Sheffield! Also if you are visiting your other half’s parents over the holidays then be sure to take something with you as a thank you for the invitation. Even just a little something such as some chocolates (try Hotel Chocolat in the city centre if you really want to impress!) can really go down well and show you’ve made an effort.

Friends Christmas present

Secret Santas can always help to keep the number of people you are buying presents for down. Websites can also set up anonymised Secret Santas where participants can do a ‘wish list’ meaning if you don’t get your best friend you can still get them something they want! For cheap, for jokey presents think Primark, Amazon etc for the best deals! If you and your friends fancy doing something as a present, why not go for a Christmas carvery or a Christmas themed afternoon tea. One place that is often missed is Jameson’s on Abbeydale Road, Sheffield which is a bit further away but the afternoon tea is definitely worth the walk!

Finally, I always think that presents should be based on the nice things that you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just something thoughtful to show you care and to spread the Christmas cheer!

Merry Christmas from the Sheffield Property to Let!

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