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Staying Healthy Through The Winter Months in Sheffield

It’s that time of year where the clocks have gone back and suddenly the weather gets much colder in Sheffield! For some people, this means excitement for the build-up to Christmas but for others the short days, cold weather University assignment submission make them feel slightly gloomy and tough.

General recommendation over the winter period in or out of Sheffield

Even the lack of sunlight is an issue – did you know the NHS recommends everyone in the UK takes a 10mcg vitamin D supplement daily as the sun isn’t strong enough for our daily needs? The extreme of this gloomy feeling with a change in seasons is now diagnosed as Seasonal Affective Disorder with symptoms such as feeling tired all the time, finding it harder to get up out of bed in the morning and the classic winter scenario of craving carbs!

healthy living as student in SheffieldTip 1) Things to do to keep healthy and fit in Sheffield over the winter months, diet

Also, taking care of your body will really help to improve your mood. Make sure you are getting plenty of fruit and vegetables to avoid getting ill and take advantage of seasonal offerings such as Pumpkins, Parsnips and Brussel sprouts! Although those pot noodles are quick and convenient, they aren’t going to keep those colds away! An additional easy and cheap trick is to prep your healthy snack at home for the day. For example, chopped up fruit for those long days at Uni or in the University library.

healthy lifestyle as student in Sheffield - exercise

Tip 2) Things to do in Sheffield over the Winter period, keep active

So what can you do about it? Well for any dip in mood making sure to do activities you enjoy is really important. Sheffield has loads of fun and quirky activities to keep you out and about. Why not go to Fired Arts Cafe on Ecclesall Road with a friend to do some painting of pottery to relax you but keep you warm at the same time! Or how about a trip up to Mayfield Alpaca farm to get outside and feel like you are getting out of the city.

healthy balanced lifestyle as student in Sheffield - out the flat

Tip 3) Health tricks to do in Sheffield over the winter period, keep in contact

Making sure to spend time with loved ones is also essential so whether it's phoning your parents or taking advantage of one of Sheffield’s many coffee shops make sure that you take time for the people you care about! Check our previous article on recommended coffee shops to visit.

Tip 4) Keeping fit and healthy in Sheffield over Winter, fit in a walk

Another little tip is to make the most of daylight hours which can sometimes be tough if you have a long day inside at uni or work – especially with January exams looming! How about getting out the flat and instead of getting the bus walk from your home to Uni or taking a walk in between lectures or over your lunch break, it's an excellent way to get some headspace or listen to an audiobook or podcast. Alternatively, a simple walk in the Peak District over the weekend.

Tip 5) How to stay healthy through the winter period in Sheffield, Fitness

And finally, doing some exercise can help to keep you moving and get you feeling great before the Christmas party season begins. S10 Uni gym and SHU Sport can be incredibly busy but there are lots of other gyms around the city or why not try the Park Run at Encliffe Park on a Saturday morning for some extra motivation! Or following a YouTube Video. For extra fitness tips check to keep fit for free article.

Self-care at home - flat - appartment as student in Sheffield

Tip 6) Staying healthy whilst living in Sheffield, Self-care

Also, if your bills aren’t included in your student house, make sure you aren’t punishing yourself with a freezing room. Yes, it is good to save money here and there but having to put on 3 jumpers and a dressing gown won’t put you in a good mood either, so prioritise yourself over this cold period and self-care!

Overall, whilst living in Sheffield pre-Christmas

  • Little changes really can make a big difference but of course, if things are really getting you down don’t be afraid to see your GP, University support team or family as sometimes speaking to someone can really help!
  • Hope these little tips are useful to you all and if you’ve been feeling a little low then you know you aren’t alone, if anything is of worry don't be afraid to contact either Landlord.

Article written by Eleanor Devlin, Dentistry student, University of Sheffield.

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