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Sheffield Property to Let Christmas Spirit Competitions

This year Sheffield Property to Let have decided to spread the Christmas spirit with their tenants by organising two Christmas competitions

> Christmas spirit giveaway & Christmas Tidy Elf - Christmas helper contents

1. Christmas spirit giveaway Competition 

Christmas spirit Competition is giving away Corporation tickers to two different night in December to all past, current and future tenants, and Christmas Drink to all those sign new or staying-on rental contract for 2019/20. 

  • Corporation tickers give away are only for the nights on 10th and 12th  Dec, you can only requestion a maximum of 4 per person, as there are only 150 tickets up for grabs (first-come basis)
  • Christmas Drinks you need to sign new or staying on rental contact for 2019/20 by the 15th Dec and specify which alcoholic beverage you would like Crate of Beer or 2 bottles of Wine (Red & Wine)

Where tenants have to enter to participate in giveaway competition to win Corporation tickets or Christmas drinks depending on your status. 

To enter you will need to click on the link and fill out the form with prize request. 

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Christmas give away for rented student flat in Sheffield with SPTL

2. Christmas Tidy Elf - Christmas helper contest 

A new contest that Sheffield Property to Let have decided to run this year is the Christmas Tidy Elf contest, where all Sheffield Property To Let tenants will be automatically entered into this competition.

The Christmas cleaning Elf and SPTL Christmas helpers, will be checking all flats during month of December and will handout an exclusive Festive Christmas parcel including Christmas food and Christmas drink to those that keep their flats cleanest and donate the equivalent to Sheffield's Salvation Army on 126 Charter Row, Sheffield S1 4HR (in city centre) on their behalf (tenants), the winner will be communicated with on the 20th December. Photos of prize and donation shared with everyone in the new year

SPTL rented student flat in Sheffield Christmas competition clean appartment

If you are interested in staying on or have colleagues that are looking accommodation for 2019/20  please contact landlords asap as properties are going fast (we have multiple offerings from studios to flats of 10)

Any queries don't hesitate to get in contact, Merry Christmas from the Sheffield Property to Let team, whom will start getting in contact the 7th December with prizes details and logistics for Sheffield Christmas Spirit Competition giveaways and on the 20th for the Christmas Elf contest prize.

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Merry Christmas from the Sheffield Property to Let!