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University Open Days-How to get the most out of them

You will soon be looking to attend one of your chosen university open days. Here we are going to give you some idea of what to expect and how to get the most out of your visit to Sheffield’s universities.

University Open day Dates

Both Universities in Sheffield have open days this June, July and later in the year. University of Sheffield dates are 22nd June and 6th July, you can book here. The Sheffield Hallam University open day is 29th June, you can register here. Do not worry if you cannot make these dates as there is some later in the year.

Be early

Try to be early on the open day. Then you will be able to get more out of the day and be able to spend more time familiarising yourself with the way of student life in Sheffield. There are guided tours of the campuses, and if you are pushed for time, there may be an option for you. When I came for my open day, I took the map and wandered around. Make sure to attend your allotted time slot for meeting course tutors. HOT TIP: ask at the desk if there are any available slots free, in other courses you may be interested in.

Take advantage

Being able to chat with course tutors, other students and the student union means you can really get the lowdown on student life in Sheffield. Ask the really sticky questions, like “what do I do if I feel homesick?” or “what options do I have with my course?”. I wrote a list before I came, and I was glad I did. Book a room to stay overnight if you can, then you might get to hook up with fellow prospective students and try Sheffield nightlife. There are loads of information to absorb during these visits, so take leaflets and write stuff down, you can digest it all later.

Check out the accommodation

Whilst you are checking out the University, do check out the ‘Halls’. Your first year is often spent in them, so make sure you see where you may be living. After that you are looking at private renting, we at SPTL would love you to rent with us, so do check out the whole city. Pricing will obviously come into your decisions; we think you will find Sheffield very affordable to students.

Plan an extra trip for the surroundings

Sheffield is an amazing city for students, we are extremely well catered for here. There is the Peak District on our doorstep and the city is well known for its sporting and music connections. Pretty much everywhere seems to offer student discounts and our nightlife is very geared towards students too. So, to truly see what this city has to offer, I suggest booking a weekend break here and ‘try before you buy’