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Have a very Vegan Xmas and New Year

Ask most people what they think of Christmas food and often the response will be Turkey, pigs in blankets and roast potatoes cooked in goose fat. However, Vegetarians and Vegans also want to celebrate Christmas and are often left out of the planning for the festive fare. Here is how you can help your vegan friends, flatmates and family feel welcomed and well fed this Christmas and New Year.

Vegan Xmas and New Year - Nut Loaf

Almost every year vegans and vegetarians are offered nut loaf and the supermarkets have a great range, however, this is my personal favourite  Fry's Soy & Quinoa Country Roast 500g available from Ocado. Nut cutlets are also a quick and cheap way of just catering for one vegan guest.

Vegan Xmas and New Year -  Other Mains

This recipe from Tescos is an easy one and should satisfy not only your vegan guest but everyone else too! Stuffed roasted squash with pesto.

If you prefer to shop try this tofurkey with herb gravy  it’s usually in Holland and Barret, though I found it cheaper from Ocado

To really impress your guest, try this Linda McCartney Vegetarian Beef Roast with Red Wine & Shallot Glaze it’s currently on offer at Sainsbury's!

Vegan Xmas and New Year -  Vegetables

Obviously, all vegetables are fine for vegans, though do think about how you prepare them. Try to use seed, or vegetable oils to roast your root vegetables in. If you are one for adding bacon to your sprouts, why not change it up and add chestnuts instead, great flavour and tasty for everyone. My family always had cauliflower cheese, now I just get a packet of dairy-free cheese and mix it with almond milk and flour in a pan and then pour it over my portion of cauliflower. It looks the same and I even caught one of my sisters taking some as she preferred the taste!

If you like mashed veg, then use almond milk rather than cream, butter, or cow’s milk to mash. Honestly, you will hardly notice the difference.

Vegan Xmas and New Year -  Accompaniments

Gravy is usually made from the fat from the roast. It is easy to pick up some very palatable vegan gravy mixes in the shops. Or ask your guest to contribute this item.

Vegan Xmas and New Year -  Desserts

Go to any Vegan festival and desserts and sweets dominate the stalls. I think we vegans must have the sweetest of teeth!   Christmas pudding is nearly vegan, it’s the suet that isn’t, but you can substitute with vegan suet, here’s a recipe for a vegan one. You really will not notice the change, as the brandy is vegan! Our previous blog has vegan macaroons, and now I have discovered an egg replacer I plan to try and make the French macaroons. Meringues can be made from chickpea juice drained from the 1x 400g can, whisk until doubles in volume, then add ½ tsp cream of tartar and 125g of icing sugar a tablespoon at a time until it forms peaks, add some vanilla essence and whisk in. cook as you would normally. I have made a roulade with fruits and dairy free cream before. I make the cream using this recipe.

Vegan Christmas & New Year -  Veganaury

January is now traditionally the time to try veganism. Known as Veganuary. If you welcomed a vegan guest and used some of these recipes, maybe you could extend it through January. As vegans we care about animals and how they are treated, that is why we choose not to eat them. We want you to see how easy it is to enjoy food and living without the need for animal products. If you choose to return to your former diet, then that is fine too. At least try veganism before you reject it.

As a vegan, or vegetarian, if you are lucky enough to be invited to share a Christmas meal with your friends, and they have made the effort to accommodate you, then please do not spend the day preaching the virtues of veganism. Let them enjoy their meal too.

Oh, and all these ideas work for your dairy-free friends too.

Merry Christmas from Sheffield Property To Let

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